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Designed and built by the communists in the 1950's and 1960's and subsequently has good public spaces (parks and shopping) and the buildings tend to be of a more agreeable small-block design rather than the monumental sized and horrific things they built in the 1980's.  But Floreasca also has nice new blocks and some lovely minimalistic villas.  The neighborhood has retained a village feel and boasts some very popular and quaint restaurants and shopping.  The Floreasca Park is a big and well managed space with an ice-skating rink in the winter,  swimming pool club in the summer and a children's' playground with some very interesting and adventurous things to climb and hold on to while being whisked around at high speed.  Floreasca gets our thumbs up for being a good location to base yourself and it's right next door to Primaverii, Dorobanti and the Central neighborhoods so good location to see friends and get to work.

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