Bucharest Homes is about Expatriates helping fellow Expatriates find a beautiful home in Bucharest at fair value. Bucharest Homes is about Expatriates helping Expatriates find a beautiful home that fits with what you expect. Be it a studio apartment or mansion, we're only going to show properties that are going to make you smile in the morning. They better have something special. Maybe that's some charm, abundant natural light, or a private terrace. We work very hard and passionately to sort through the mass of stuff brought to our attention to cherry pick only those properties that we, as expats, would be happy in. Having been expats ourselves for many years in Asia and Europe we know where the benchmark needs to sit! The right properties, so we don't waste your time. Give us a call!
Bucharest Homes is about Expatriates helping fellow Expatriates find a beautiful home in Bucharest at fair value. READ MORE

We deliver what I experienced as the best

in my own home hunting experiences around the world. Be it Moscow, Hong Kong, Geneva, Jakarta or even here in Bucharest, there were good and bad lessons and I've tried to use that to make our business work better. I also feel that a home is more than walls and a roof that work, it needs to offer a mood that works with what you need and I think we get it when you ask for something "contemporary and minimalistic, or maybe something with a bit of character in an interesting neighborhood, or something in a neighborhood with a village-like feel to it, or maybe just something happy and cozy." We try our best to present properties that work against both your practical and personal needs, even if the brief includes, for example a request we recently had for "something that just makes me want to sing in the morning."

Our business works

on having a stream of happy clients referring us to their colleagues and newly arriving friends and if you look at our referral section you'll find we've worked with people from most of the embassies and international companies based in Bucharest. Our key points of difference in the market are that we tend to understand what's going to work for you faster than the local agencies and we also don't believe in showing you fifty properties in the vain hope that something might stick. We obviously look at a lot of properties and meet hundreds of landlords every year, but our rejection rate is about 80%, either because the property doesn't make the grade, or frankly, we don't think the landlord is going to be right for our clients. The final yardstick I use is that I won't list or allow us to show you a property that I wouldn't take for my family.

Beyond helping you

with house-hunting I'm also looking forward to showing you around the city and introducing you to the people we know that make living in Romania a rich and enjoyable experience. I can point you in the right direction for local holiday ideas and we have a rolodex of cobblers, tailors, local organic farmers, wine makers, bakers and even a candle stick maker who are all great at what they do and wonderful characters.

All of our properties

are in areas that I think are a good fit for expat living. That could mean the most popular expat neighborhood of Pipera, which is in the far north of the city and is where most of the international schools are located, but it will also mean the more culturally interesting central neighborhoods and the graceful neighborhoods in-between and around the big parks. If you click on the map in the rental section we offer a write up (warts and all) and description of the neighborhoods. As a rule we don't list properties in communist blocks because they are poorly maintained and I think simply soul draining. If you need something on the cheaper side of the equation I will instead show you some charming apartments in a villa, or perhaps something a bit quirky in a new block. If you need luxury we have that too!

We can also help

if buying is something interesting. We do this by managing the project with three local agents (one for each specific area of the city) whom I trust on both a personal and professional level. We have argued against buying since 2006, but as of 2013 it looks like prices have stabilized and that locals are eager to buy as soon as financing returns. Otherwise perhaps we can help you with an accurate appraisal of the value of a property by offering a real-market estimation of the rental yield. We can offer this service for a reasonable cost. Our advice will make a difference..

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I really look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can do to help you get settled!
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