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Bucharest has been characterized for sometimes seeming a bit neglected and the crumbling communist blocks found mostly in the east and west of the city do nothing to dispel this notion. However, not often appreciated is the architectural treasure found in central and northern areas of Bucharest including a high concentration of Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau and Bauhaus designed structures built in the early 20th century when an educated and intellectual elite from the best schools in Germany and France were interested in stamping Bucharest with a contemporary and western aspect. It is also a treasure trove of buildings inspired by a local design called Brancovenesc (perhaps Turk influenced) and the more classic French style of architecture which was a popular design choice in the late 1800`s. Look in the right spots and you will find neighborhoods with charming cobbled streets, vibrant markets with locally grown vegetables and flowers for sale and parks with flowering linden, well maintained tennis courts and outdoor terrace cafes. Bucharest was once called the Paris of the east and if you know where to look you can still find bits that can make your experience in Romania a pleasant and interesting experience.
With this in mind, we suggest three areas of the city to consider for expatriate housing and each should be considered for specific reasons. These areas are broken out as the Central, Northern and Northern Suburbs areas.

Elegant gate
Old street in downtown
Charm of the past
Atheneul Roman
Entrance at National Library
Cobbled street
Romanian Patriarchy
Path into history
Cobbled entrance
Iconic church
Russian church of Bucharest
Bucharest by night
The Scientists House, Lahovari Square
Neo classical villa
City Gate
Beautiful hand made gate
Impressive window architecture
1930 Original door handle
1930 Staircase
1940 Decorative Gate
Renaissance window detail
Wrought iron detail
Hidden architec -tural gem
Paris of the East

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