Easy to go from farm to table!21 Mai 2019

The Romanian fresh market are spoiling us with great selection of organic fruit and vegetables, honey, dry herbs, colorful flowers and when in season we know they come from hard working hands. For a joy-full experience I heart fully recommend you Obor market or Domenii one for those in the north and who can afford to spend more. Yummy!

New French school opens in Bucharest in September7 Mai 2019

The French school network Odyssey will open its third school worldwide in Bucharest. The school, named École Française Internationale de Bucarest (EFI Bucarest), will open in September, according to a press release. EFI Bucarest will hold classes for children aged between three (kindergarten) and 18 years (high school). Teaching will mainly focus on three languages – French, English and Romanian, according to the French curriculum, and the students will get state diplomas issued by the French Education Ministry (Patent and Baccalaureate) as well...

Bucharest is becoming a world-class speciality coffee city25 Feb 2019

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is known among tourists for its grandiose historical buildings, such as the Palace of the Parliament. But at the same time, it is quickly establishing itself as a hub for speciality coffee in Europe. Indeed, London is the leading city in Europe, with more than 250 cafés and roasteries, but take a closer look and see that Bucharest actually has one speciality café per 52,000 inhabitants, which is more than Berlin (1 café per 67,000 inhabitants) or Copenhagen (1 café...

20 funny Romanian expressions and how to use them27 Ian 2019

1. A Romanian won’t “fool you”. Instead, she’ll “throw vapors at you.” (Te aburește) 2. Romanians won’t say, “He finally got the idea.” He will say, “The coin drops.” (Îi pică fisa) 3. When a Romania has been “scammed”, she will say that she, “got into a spike.” (A luat țeapă) 4. A Romanian won’t tell you that, “You are fooling yourself.” He will say, “You are getting drunk with cold water.” (Te îmbeți cu apă rece) ...

The country where 96% of homes are privately owned21 Nov 2018

As the article demonstrates, Romanian`s are clearly owner`s and not renter`s. The number`s justifying landlord`s to build high quality properties for the purposes of renting do not work primarily because when a local mortgage is involved the rates (between 5 - 9% currently) make renting a poor business decision. The single biggest issue for our business is first finding (because the overwhelming majority of properties we come in contact with are just not up to the standards our clients require) and then convincing...

36 Hours in Bucharest17 Nov 2018

Rebounding from decades of repression, Romania’s capital is brimming with Italian-style cafes, museums, parks and restaurants that celebrate the country’s rich cuisine. Bucharest is like cilantro, a Romanian resident once told me: You either love it or hate it. But there’s much to love about a city that provides a less-expensive taste of Europe (Romania is in the European Union but not in the eurozone). Still grappling with allegations of government corruption and working to rebound from layers of grim history, the present-day capital...

Oxigene, Sun, Detox, Nice People and Great Services, Balvanyos5 Nov 2017

"I cannot say that 4 days was long enough but it was an efficient and very relaxing stay while I fully enjoyed the surrounding, spoiled my senses in the lovely design hotel and its luxurious spa, bought all local products, impecabilly presented, from the hotel shop and recharged my batteries. Met the owners and complimented for the abundance of good taste and quality of services! Tastefully decorated, the whole atmosphere is matching the landscape and is very relaxing. Kind, patient and professional staff everywhere. ...

Don’t Be a Tourist in Romania17 Oct 2018

This summer, my curiosity took me to Romania, a former communist Balkan country with a notoriously bad rep as a backwards land of gypsies with zero infrastructure for any semblance of tourism. Why do you want to go to Romania?! I was consistently asked in the run-up to our trip. My unspoken answer: to prove you wrong. So did I succeed in my mission? Did Romania live up to my high hopes? Village Hopping with Prince Charles One of the most...


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