Area: Black Sea - Rentals

The Romanian Riviera from the Ukrainian border to the Bulgarian border offers 275 km of shores to be enjoyed! Having a sea is a privilege both for leisure and for business. The Romanian Black Sea was used and attracted trade since Greek and Roman civilizations (Tomis and Callatis settings are proofs this long time history), then in the period between wars was used by the aristocrats of the time who built some amazing Art Deco villas then, then continued to develop more in the 60`s as an ambitious plan of former Ceausescu president who built large elegant hotels and beaches at the time when socialism encourage everybody to have 2 weeks holidays in the summer and 2 weeks in the winter. The upper class gathered mostly around Neptun ( the presidential resort) and Mamaia, while the South resorts became more popular with the working class. Business wise, Constanta area attracts a lot of large companies and expats who work on the naval harbours where we asamble boats or in oil and gas business extracting oil from the sea and by NATO staff who gather in...


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