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Corbeanca is very much a work in progress neighborhood with a lot of homes in construction. However, when you look at Corbeanca, which is up the road from Pipera, I think you look at what Pipera should have been if the different developers and planners had perhaps worked better together in the late 90`s - perhaps because Corbeanca was developed later it had the opportunity to learn and do a better job? The roads seem wider, the plots bigger, lack of privacy and congestion are not issues and it just feels more like a well planned American bedroom community. Romanians will have the perception that Corbeanca is far away (perhaps because Bucharest is such a compact city - the most densely populated capital city in Europe), but the truth is that the Baneasa Mall is only 10 minutes down the road and the American School is just 15 minutes away. These are hardly daunting distance for most expatriates, but locals will sometimes wonder. Besides the benefits of a leafier, quieter, better organized neighborhood you also get damn good value for money compared to Pipera which we think is on average...


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