Area: Pipera - Rentals

This is a neighborhood for families with children planning to attend the international schools clustered in the newest neighborhood of Bucharest (located North of the Baneasa Mall). Really, in our opinion, not the right neighborhood for expats without school-aged kids because the social scene really does revolve around the international schools and lacking this we`re always a bit concerned about the "cabin-fever" condition of the stay at home partner. Also, a strange lack of pavements means getting anywhere requires a car and the complete absence of a public park combine to make meeting new people a bit more difficult. Lastly, and perhaps most worrying, we are concerned about the water quality in some parts of the neighborhood. There was at one time a paint factory off the main street and they were not too careful about how they managed their waste. That said, things to do and enjoy in Pipera include the Bucharest Zoo, the Forest (good paths for walking and mountain bikes) and quick access out of the city and up to the mountains for the weekend. Rents for a villa in Pipera are going to jump...


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