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Snagov has always been a premium brand in Romania, going back to when this was a playground for the communist-party elite of the 1970`s - 1990`s. After the revolution it took another shift in prestige when the newly rich entrepreneurial class had access to serious money and started building mansions on the shore. But, it remained a holiday house destination until very recently with the completion of the A3 Highway which will link Bucharest city with the area in 2019. Subsequently, it has now become an A List destination for people wanting to work in the city (north commercial area really), but live on a lake. Prices are modest, relative to Pipera, but we do not expect this to last for long given the far superior quality of life and ease of access into the city. Commute to the American School in Pipera is 20 minutes. We expect this to be the location of choice for the diplomatic community once it picks up a critical mass. Think of it as you do many of the rich, gentrified northern suburbs around he world. Only thing missing for now is a country...



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