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When first expats  came to Romania (back in the 90' s), Domenii was one of the first neighborhoods to see the villas renovated and rented out at what were then outrageous sums (three times more expensive than now) to desperate expats.  Since then, this neighborhood has lost its status as the first dormitory of choice for expat families as Pipera and Herastrau have developed, but it is still a lovely neighborhood to consider.  Mostly villas, but we also have some stunning apartments.  Neighborhood attractions include the proximity to the Herastrau Park (West side), a peasants market with the best local and in-season selection of vegetables, fruit, honey, flowers, bread and cheese in town, as well as tree-lined streets, lovely architecture, good restaurants and good opportunities to meet other expats.  Domenii is also about as close as you can get to the international schools in Pipera and still live in a historic neighborhood.  The neighborhood is pricey.

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