Ariane M.

Nous avons apprécié la prestation d ‘Andreia Lewis et ses visites bien selectionees : rare sont les agents immobiliers à l’écoute, qui vous présentent des biens correspondant à vos critères. C’est son cas. Vous êtes, tombé sur la bonne personne.

Anca Racolta

I highly recommend Andreia Lewis to all landlords and tenants, I have had many experiences with many different real estate agents and I can honestly say that Bucharest-Homes outshines them all. Honest, quick and friendly, very good advices as interior decorator...you have all in one! I am so relieved to have finally found an agent I can trust and cannot recommend Bucharest-Homes highly enough.

David Adshade, Omv Group

We found you through an independent search on Google. You were the best we could find on all searches. You have many nice places advertised. Would like to maintain contact with you.

Zlatko Zlatic, General Manager, Lufthansa

Thank you Andreia for your excellent service

Suzanne Abdel

Thank you so much for organizing so efficiently all the visits and for your energy – we enjoyed the moment!

Paul Johnston

Firstly I would to say your website is very helpful and informative, great help for expats looking to move!

Eric Staub

I am looking to relocate to Bucharest this last spring or early summer. It seems your website offers the best information and listings for Bucharest.

Clare Mc Nulty

Hi Andreia,
Great website! I wish I had seen it before I went to Bucharest last month!

Hjortholm Steen

Thanks so much for your high-level service

Stelios G. Bairactaris

Mrs. Andreia Lewis, of Bucharest Homes, www.bucharest-homes.ro, is one of the most competent real estate brokers that I have met in Bucharest. She has assisted me and a number of expats in securing rental properties.

Christophe Lajouanie

First of all I need to congratulate you as your website is very well done, and the description of the neighborhoods invaluable!

Charlotte Guigli, Global Business Development Manager, Who`s Who in Luxury Real Estate, LuxuryRealEstate.com

Dear Andreia, Your company shows clear leadership in the luxury market of Bucharest and we are happy to invite you to become our Member.


Thank you very much for your prompt and professional service, Andreia. Another happy customer!

Lenka Le Roy, Galeria Eiffel

Andreia, esti inegalabila in promovare!

Alexander Peyre Dutrey, Swedish Embassy

Once again thank you for your kind and very professional assistance with the apartment.

Mircea Burcea

Andreia, nu pot sa nu te laud pentru talentul deosebit pe care il ai in a prezenta o proprietate si sper sa fie cu noroc.
SINCER!!!! Am avut ocazia sa primesc multi clienti prin intermediul unor agentii, dar stilul d-nei Andreia Lewis este unic. O prezentare detaliata a tuturor avantajelor locatiei cu mult profesionalism si mai ales personalizand prezentarea in functie de nevoile clientului adus, fac diferenta. Un agent trebuie sa sustina atuurile locatiei pt. ca proprietarul nu cunoaste intotdeauna detalii despre structura familei care doreste sa inchirieze, despre originea ei si domeniul de activitate... etc. E de datoria agentului sa argumenteze de ce e bine sa se prefere o locatie sau alta.

Irina Bolomey

Am fost foarte placut impresionata de faptul ca in sfarsit am intalnit un "agent imobiliar" profesionist; nu sint doar vorbe, pot spune ca am vazut ceva la viata mea: intre asa-zisi "specialisti" din Romania, imi pierdusem speranta ca voi gasi in Bucuresti cu cine vorbi aceiasi limba....Cat despre poze, cred ca sant cele mai reusite facute pina acum pt o prezentare;nu stiu daca e doar experienta imobiliara sau aveti o adevarata mina de fotograf !!

Andries Govaert - General Manager Primagaz Romania

Andreia helped me and my family wonderfully in our search for a new home in Bucharest. When we arrived we heard via worth of mouth about Andreia and got in touch with her. Although we first had other real estate agent, it was only when Andreia and her team helped us that we quickly found the right place. Her experience as an expatriate herself and understanding of our needs were decisive in the process to find the right home in a neighborhood which was perfect for our situation. I can truly recommend Andreia s services and have no doubt she will serve any client with the same dedication as she did for us.

E. Mercury

Chère Andreia, Dans 15 années de difficultés à trouver le bon locataire je n ai pas rencontré un si bon agent. Je te confie de nouveau un de mes appartements et je conte sur ta baguette magique. Je suis tranquille maintenant car je sais que tu existes et je te remercie pour ca.

Simona Ritzi

Andreia, a solar person in such a grey city we all love. A good key for a solar cozy place to stay in? It will surely come out with no loss of time since services are well described and executed. This is the impression I had and have today!!!

Saskia and family

Generally speaking in my opinion it is very hard to find an appropriate apartment in Bucharest for rent or for sale in a nice area with a reasonable price and Western, modern standard. But not impossible...........it just takes time! :-)
I just can say that working with Andreia has always been a positive, trustful, honest, professional and amicable experience ! She commits herself a lot to all the customers wishes and really doesn t want to waste your time in showing you apartments or houses that don t meet your needs or expectations or are not up to standard.
Due to her expatriate experiences abroad she is very well aware of what her customers are looking for. Keep it up!


Andreia is the heart of Bucharest Homes and she involves extremelly well with her clients and their needs. I heartly suggest her services!


Excellent service de Broker immobilier ... Toujours disponible, a l écoute et persévérante la ou beaucoup auraient déjà abandonnés.


Andreia was a huge help when we first arrived in Bucharest - not only did her portfolio of properties best fit our requirements but she was a pleasure to work with and had a unique perspective on things being a repatriated Romanian - she perfectly understood our wishes and priorities as expats but at the same time had excellent local knowledge of the market and the city and very good relationships with landlords.  She had a feeling of who we were and what we wanted/needed straight away - very much appreciated!

Helène Maumy-Florescu

Andreia a été à l écoute de nos besoins, fut constamment réactive à nos demandes et sélectionna attentivement des maisons qui répondaient à nos critères. Ces services allient la gentillesse, l efficacité et la sérieux que recherchent les expatriés.

Astrid Desveaux

Très fan des particularités des biens immobiliers du début du 20ème siècle à Bucarest, j ai eu beaucoup de mal à rencontrer des agents immobiliers qui me prenaient au sérieux. Une seule discussion avec Andreia a tout changé, elle a écouté nos envies, analysé nos souhaits et compris notre demande: quelque jours plus tard elle me faisait visiter cet appartement pour lequel mon mari et moi avons eu un coup de foudre instantané.

Volker Moser, Managing Partner, City Compass

Helping foreigners to feel at home in order to live their lives to the fullest in Romania - this is our mission. I am convinced that Andreia Lewis and her team will make newcomers feel at home too- in a new home according to the clients needs, right upon their arrival! Good luck!

Guy S. Verduystert

First of all must congratulate you on your website. A breath of fresh air. I cannot thank you enough for your excellent support. I keep repeating myself, but you are great! A true deal maker! Wish you could become my personal adviser.

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