Neighborhoods Primaverii

Primaverii probably has the best location of any of the north of the city neighborhoods because of the proximity to both a number of parks (Herastrau to the west, Bordei to the north and Kiselef close by) and the very quick and multiple transport routes either into the city or north to Pipera.  This is the favorite neighborhood of politicians, is popular with diplomats and was at one time home for the former dictator and his wife.  The neighborhood still has the tree-lined streets and fine restaurants, but a gloss of "new-money" is churning out renovation jobs on the fine old villas that make them look a little like fine new American sub-divisions.  This is probably the most expensive neighborhood in the city for housing, with villas starting at about 6,000 Euros and a two bedroom apartment at expat standards in the 2,000 Euro range and a large penthouse will start at 4,000 Euros.  Our favorite steak-house (Osho) is in Primaverii along with a number of decent and good restaurants popular with the office workers in Charles de Gaulle Square. Nice address to have on the business card!

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