Report - Bucharest is the best city in the world for remote working5 Ian 2020

Bucharest is the best city in the world for working from home or remotely, according to the Remote Working Index report by Broadband Deals.

The index assessed 50 popular cities in the world and ranked them from best to worst based on the following factors: average internet speed, availability of food delivery companies, the amount of remote working jobs available, the cost of a laptop, and the cost of living.

Bucharest came top overall as the best city for remote working. 4.33% of jobs in the Romanian capital gave workers the opportunity for remote working, the highest of all the cities in the index. The city also scored highly for internet speed, coming 4th in the ranking with internet speeds of 52 Mbps, and 7th for the cost of living – GBP 421 per month.

However, a MacBook costs GBP 1,444 in Bucharest, more in than in US cities such as Houston, Las Vegas, or Chicago.

17 March 2020
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Houston came second in the overall list, followed by Las Vegas, Atlanta, Budapest, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kiev, Chicago, and Warsaw.

On the other hand, Rome came out as the worst city for remote working according to the same index. The city has the joint 2nd highest laptop cost at GBP 1,596.89 and was the fourth worst city when it came to internet speed at 16 Mbps.

Milan came 2nd as one of the worst cities, followed by Seoul, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Cologne, Munich, and Manchester.

The full Remote Working Index is available here.


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