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One of the only positive things I can say about Romania having forty-five years of communism is that the lack of good-fitting clothing meant that the skill of tailoring was continued in Bucharest when over the same course of time it was abandoned in the west for decent off-the-rack choice. There are a lot less tailors today in Bucharest than there were when I first started having suits made here in 1998, but there are still some good ones.
My favorite tailor is VENUS located very close to the Radisson Hotel on Calea Victoriei. The owner doesn`t speak much English, but he understands and can show you (as he did me) the difference in a Saville Row versus Italian cut suit and he follows up the talk with the work. He cuts beautifully and with a flair. He`s not nearly as cheap as he was all those years ago, but he`s still much cheaper than a comparable skill level in London or New York. The only issue is that he doesn`t stock much in the way of special material in the store and this may necessitate you stopping off at the fabric market on your next trip to Milan, Florence or Paris to pick up several yards of something beautiful (poor you) before getting your next suit made. The other tailor I will recommend is TUDOR located on Calea Floreasca. The owner is a passionate and knowledgeable younger man and he has plenty of beautiful materials handy. It is not cheap, but he offers excellent advice to make something really special and he obviously employs some very skilled craftsmen to get the job done to the right standard. We have had clients who are repeat customers and they are all very happy.
I have yet to find a good shirt maker in Bucharest who doesn`t charge what I think is an obnoxious rate for the service. Perhaps we were spoiled living in Asia, but I absolutely refuse to pay 100 euro to have a shirt made when I`m used to paying $50. I`m not cheap, but I am thrifty and I`ll go to some lengths to get good value and if that means I`ll need to fly out to Asia to get shirts made for the year then I`ll make sure to get the most out of the trip and I`ll catch up on all my missed Asian food!

Luke Lewis
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