Area: Herastrau - Rentals

The most popular neighborhood for expatriates living in the city due to the abundance of well designed modern apartments, the proximity to Herastrau Park (the cities biggest park) and the northern-most city-limits location which makes for quick access to the international schools (the French School is still in Herastrau) and commercial office centers in Pipera. This area is also called Nordului, but we`ve been here since the last century and stick with the original moniker. This is an easy neighborhood to make new expat friends, eager to strike up a conversation with a new neighbor in the block, or a new parent in the park. Very sociable location and the park is great for both kids (some nice and very big playgrounds) and adults with very well looked after tennis courts (available to rent for just 12 Euros per hour) and a good running path around the lake (5.5 kilometers). This is the best location to live in if you want to quickly get to meet other foreigners from just about every bit of the map. Prices in Herastrau vary depending on your proximity to...


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