Helpful Resourses that we tested and liked!

All English speaking and small private businesses with low foot traffic ( in the event that you really need to visit) or who can assist you online

Food and Drinks


Doncafe Brasserie

Click for phone 0746 222 444


Pizza Station

We`ve noticed the quality of pizza really decline in Bucharest over the past seven years. This is the exception so far? Really good tasty pizza.

Click for phone 40724 440 103


Maher Restaurant

The Son of the owner of the Nassar chain that you might have seen? They don`t speak English.

Click for phone 40799 114 444


Kunnai Restaurant

Good Thai and they deliver all the way to Pipera.

Click for phone 40722 687 343

Italian General


For 20 years a great little tratoria. Sometimes they deliver, sometimes they don`t, but great when they do and SOOOO cheap AND Good!

Click for phone 40212 108 157

International cuisine


Gargantua International cuisine

Click for phone 0726 555 696

Turkish and oriental restaurant

Turquoise Restaurant

Click for phone 0731 826 222

Romanian Food

Cherhana Romanian

Str. Tunari

Click for phone 0784 111 890

Romanian Food


Three restaurants in Str. Icoanei, Str. Sofia, Str. Oltetului

Click for phone 0732 232 424

Wine and liquor delivery

Sandra Silaghi

Sandra will happily assist you in English, French, Italian and German

Click for phone 0722 305 030

Green Grocer

Nasul Rosu

Direct from their farm with both delicious and hard to find vegetables.

Click for phone 40754 211 696

Birthday Cakes and Desserts

Mara Mura

Unlike a lot of cake shops that seems to use margarine and - ugh - fake cream, this cake shop is all good stuff and really delicious

Click for phone 40728 253 923


Home Design

Corina Radulescu


Click for phone 0745 017 373


Bianca Goran

For Private Affairs

Click for phone 0762 008 060


Mirela Traistariu

Modern art, prized in many competitions

Click for phone 0744 200 350


Bogdana Daradici

Portraits and oil on canvas

Click for phone 0726 582 528

Midwife and breastfeeding consultant

Adina Paun

Click for phone 0722 272 270


Violeta Constantinescu

Energy therapist and traditional qiqong practitioner

Click for phone 0722 717 553


Simona Chesaraicu

Psychologist & Mindfulness teacher

Click for phone 0749 099 031


Florinda Alexa

Astrology (Evolutive Astrology)

Click for phone 0723 661 489


Carmen Riza

Yoga and psychosomatic therapy

Click for phone 0729 411 434


Cerasela Rogen

Transformational Coach

Click for phone 0761 145 580


Ana Maria Briot

Pediatric Doctors who work this time

Click for phone 0742 409 662

Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental Service

Click for phone 0744 494 946


Lidia Dinca

Broker for Generali Insurances: health, life, house, car

Click for phone 0722 464 983


Gabriel Pane

Independent Broker for insurances: health, life, house, car

Click for phone 0729 555 516

IT Support

Marius Topoloiu

Fixing PC or technical matters

Click for phone 0721 257 960

Web and media

George Cristescu

Webdesign and online media campaigns

Click for phone 0741 061 114

Webdesign and print

Mihai Balasoiu

Webdesign and print

Click for phone 0722 379 486

Accounting services

Paula Chelariu

Click for phone 0733 922 466

Vets and Pet

Vets / Pet Shop Stefan cel Mare

Click for phone 0751 209 191

Concierge services

Andreea Marinescu


Click for phone 0756 254 618

Concierge services

Carmen Voicu


Click for phone 0722 318 180

Real Estate advice and services

Bucharest Homes

Quarantine Homes for who could not return home or for those who wish to move in a house with garden

Click for phone 0744 608 211

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